How do I position my Pil-ookie® on my bed?

Place the taller side at the top of your bed. This is the side that has the zipper and label. Rest your neck in the gentle recess in the lower side. Using your Pil-ookie® this way will aid in venous and lymphatic return resulting in less swelling and puffiness in the morning. As you curl your head down in the middle of the night, take The Pil-ookie® with you.


What are the cut-outs for?

These are the areas where your face will be placed when you are sleeping on your side. When used this way, your delicate facial skin will be free of wrinkle-inducing pressure during sleep. Your skin will receive the maximum amount of healthy circulation and oxygenation during the night. Your creams will stay on your skin where they can have maximal benefit.


How can I care for my Pil-ookie®?

Your Pil-ookie® comes with a custom-fitted satinique pillowcase. You can remove the pillowcase with the invisible zipper. Hand wash the pillowcase with cold water. Drip dry. It is not recommended that you put The Pil-ookie® in the washer/dryer.


What are some of the other benefits of using the Pil-ookie®?

The Pil-ookie®’s smooth satinique pillowcase is great for helping keep hair smooth and snag-free. The cut-outs will help prevent your eyelashes/extensions and eyebrows from getting crimped during sleep. Plus, whatever serums and moisturizers you apply to your face before bedtime will not get rubbed-off onto your pillow. For people with acne, there will be less transfer of dirt, oils, products, perspiration from your hair onto your face. And topical acne medications will stay in place where they can exert their beneficial effects. Teens with braces or retainers can use the Pil-ookie® to avoid external pressure on their mouths at night.


Can the Pil-ookie® be helpful during night-time breast feedings?

Yes! Thank you to the expectant and new moms who shared this benefit about having found the Pil-ookie® to be really comfortable when pregnant and when nursing on their sides in bed.


Why did your team insist that 100% of the Pil-ookie® be hand-crafted in America?

We strongly believe that the highest-quality products are made by our fellow-citizens. We have so many amazing stories of the wonderful people in different regions in America who we’ve collaborated with on every beautiful detail (from the fabrics, materials, custom-stitching, custom labels, printing, bags, graphics/web design, to the patents and trademarking) of this project. We chose to support United States Postal Service by selecting it exclusively to deliverThe Pil-ookie®  to our customers.