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As with keeping your body fit, your skin is a key part of looking youthful, healthy, and vibrant.

Many people do not realize that wrinkles often occur during sleep. During sleep, your head — weighing around 12 pounds — puts tremendous pressure on your delicate skin. Wrinkles develop and deepen if nothing is done to slow-down that process.

The Pil-ookie® sleeping pillow was designed, developed, and patented by a Dr. Cheryl Huang, Plastic Surgeon, based on over 18 years of clinical research. Because your face rests completely in the unique curved openings The Pil-ookie®  promotes healthy circulation and oxygenation of your skin while you sleep. Nourishing facial creams stay on your face instead of rubbing-off onto your pillow. Brows and lashes, including extensions, are spared from being crushed all night long.

The pillow’s gently-calibrated slope decreases swelling and puffiness by optimizing lymphatic-drainage, so you wake-up in the morning looking fresher. Find out more, click here.


See what people are saying about The Pil-ookie®

One of the most clever beauty enhancing products I’ve seen in beauty innovation in a long time. Such an inspired creation.
— RomyRaves, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger, Cosmoprof TrendScout
Brilliant. Genius beauty pillow. Must-have. If you take your skincare seriously, you should absolutely own a Pil-ookie®

— Jennifer Chan, Style Expert, Fashion & Beauty Editor & On-Air Host
Looooove The The Pil-ookie®!!! Obsessed with this pillow. Your acne creams and products are not being wiped-off onto the pillow and you’re not compressing your skin causing wrinkles.
— Cassandra Bankson, Celeb Beauty Vlogger 802,400 YouTube Subscribers
This product is like nothing I’ve ever seen before! I have noticed a difference. My skin is more clear and less puffy looking when I wake up! My creams stay on my face and don’t get absorbed on my pillow.
— Alyssa Michelle Cohen, Beauty Influencer and MUA
The Pil-ookie® has helped me wake up looking more refreshed. It’s also super comfortable and helps me sleep more soundly.

— Dr. L. Cardellini, OB/Gyn
Personally, I think The Pil-ookie® is pretty genius. I’m excited there is a pillow out there that will take facial wrinkling at night out of the equation and highly recommend it to all skin care fanatics!
— Nicki Zevola Benvenuti, Futurederm
Best anti-aging trick ever. I sleep with The Pil-ookie® every night. It goes w/me even when I travel. Such an easy way to with aging.
— Stacy Cox, National TV Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle Correspondent Reporting on The View, Dr. Oz, E!, Access Hollywood, Hollywood Today, ExtraTV, OWN
Perfect for those dedicated to taking care of their skin... faces aren’t squished into the pillow...perfect pillow to nap on when you have makeup on!
— Fun in the Closet, Fashion & Beauty Blog
Finally no red pillow crease across the side of my face in the morning. Knowing you’re protecting your skin is a great feeling.
— Marlee W, Medical Professional Women’s Health
It is a beauty pillow. Your face goes in the C shape. The Pillow has a patent and prevents acne.
— Dr. Monya De, Internist and Medical Journalist
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